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Facilitating Seamless Transitions in Care

We seamlessly bridge critical care transitions, ensuring that necessary support is always accessible, right when it’s needed the most. 

Oasis Integrated Outcomes

What We Do

Bridging the Transition Gap

By partnering with Oasis Integrative Outcomes, school districts and healthcare providers can significantly improve outcomes in providing mental health care to adolescents.

Comprehensive Transition Support

We offer a step-by-step 30-day program guiding individuals through their care transitions

Immediate Access to Support

Support Counseling chats that reduce stress and build resilience for each individual & their guardians

Timely Teletherapy

Short-term teletherapy with licensed counselors while waiting to be linked to long-term providers

Transition Planning & Coordination

We coordinate the transition to long-term mental health care provider, ensuring seamless handovers

Who We Help

Behavioral Health Systems

As strategic consultants, we help you meet value-based initiatives and ensure swift access to patient care post-hospitalization. Navigate transitions with ease and confidence - because no patient should wait for care.

K-12 High Risk Support

Bridging the gap between need and service in K-12 schools, OiO brings crucial mental health services to your students. We shrink wait times, expedite access to care, and provide support for students transitioning from our program to their long-term provider.
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Why Choose Us?

By choosing Oasis Integrative Outcomes, you are choosing a partner dedicated to facilitating smooth transitions, enhancing mental health outcomes, and ultimately, improving lives. 


We bring in-depth knowledge of both healthcare and education systems, driving better outcomes for patients and students.


Our approach is rooted in empathy, ensuring every individual feels seen, heard, and supported.


Our tech-forward approach breaks down barriers, making access to care simpler, faster, and more efficient.

Outcome Focused

Our program is designed to reduce stress, foster resilience, and cultivate grit during transitions of care, setting the stage for successful long-term mental health support.

Transition Support

We ensure continuity of care by effectively bridging the transition from inpatient care to community-based mental health care, or from school referral to community mental health services.

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