About Oasis Integrative Outcomes

Empowering Behavioral Health Transformation

We are on a mission to empower behavioral health care providers, bridge gaps in care transitions, and enhance patient outcomes. 

About Oasis Integrative Outcomes
Bridging Gaps, Enhancing Outcomes
Our Solution-Focused Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet powerful: To unlock value in transitions. 

We believe in optimizing mental health care transitions through innovation, evidence-based practices, and seamless integration with existing systems. 

Our comprehensive suite of resources, including resilience-building exercises, after-hours support counseling, and personalized teletherapy services, is designed to empower individuals and promote their wellbeing. 


Bridging Gaps, Enhancing Outcomes

With a deep commitment to bridging gaps in behavioral health care transitions, we pave the way for enhanced patient outcomes. 

Through our step-by-step 30-day program, we provide comprehensive support, guiding individuals through their care transitions with precision and care. 

Our Values

By choosing Oasis Integrative Outcomes, you are choosing a partner dedicated to facilitating smooth transitions, enhancing mental health outcomes, and ultimately, improving lives. 

Compassionate Care

We embody empathy and compassion in our approach, ensuring that every individual feels deeply understood, valued, and supported throughout their mental health journey.

Innovative Solutions

We leverage state-of-the-art technology to break down barriers and streamline access to care, revolutionizing the delivery of mental health services with seamless integration and user-friendly platforms.

Outcome-Driven Excellence

We are dedicated to achieving exceptional mental health outcomes, consistently measuring our success through robust performance indicators and utilizing data-driven insights to continuously improve our services.

Collaborative Partnership

We foster collaborative partnerships with healthcare organizations, working hand in hand to co-create innovative solutions and drive transformative change in mental healthcare delivery.

Our Clinical Approach

The Challenge

Today, healthcare systems are facing a critical challenge: how to provide timely mental health care to those awaiting long-term services. Traditional models may fall short, leading to inadequate support, disjointed care, and longer waiting times. 

The Solution: Data-Driven Brief Therapy

Our innovative approach, Data-Driven Brief Therapy (DDBT), bridges this gap, providing efficient, targeted mental health support during these crucial transition periods. 

Data-Driven Brief Therapy is based on the Wellness Wheel, an integrated model focusing on eight dimensions of wellness. But we go a step further, incorporating key mental health attributes of stress reduction, resilience, and grit.