Our Clinical Approach

Data-Driven Brief Therapy

Our Revolutionary Solution for Transitional Mental Health Support

Data-Driven Brief Therapy (DDBT)

Our Clinical Approach

The Challenge

Today, healthcare systems are facing a critical challenge: how to provide timely mental health care to those awaiting long-term services. Traditional models may fall short, leading to inadequate support, disjointed care, and longer waiting times. 

The Solution: Data-Driven Brief Therapy

Our innovative approach, Data-Driven Brief Therapy (DDBT), bridges this gap, providing efficient, targeted mental health support during these crucial transition periods. 

Data-Driven Brief Therapy is based on the Wellness Wheel, an integrated model focusing on eight dimensions of wellness. But we go a step further, incorporating key mental health attributes of stress reduction, resilience, and grit. 

How it Works

Data-Driven Brief Therapy (DDBT) uses a robust suite of validated assessment instruments, like the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) and Brief Resilience Scale (BRS), to evaluate each domain of the Wellness Wheel

This comprehensive approach allows us to delve into patient stress levels, resilience, and grit, providing a holistic picture of their wellbeing and identifying potential growth areas. 


We employ brief, validated measures across Wellness Wheel domains and key attributes of stress, resilience, and grit.

Goal Setting

SMART goals are set collaboratively, prioritizing areas of improvement identified during the assessment.


We use a variety of time-limited therapeutic approaches to tailor support to each client's unique needs and goals.

Progress Monitoring

Regular reassessments guide therapy adjustments, ensuring goal-directed progress.

Transition Preparation

Clients are equipped with strategies to maintain progress as they move to long-term care.

Outcome Evaluation

Post-therapy assessments measure effectiveness, informing future approaches.

Ready for a New Approach?

Data-Driven Brief Therapy fills a critical gap in mental health services, delivering timely, effective, and transitional support.

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