Our Strategic Partnerships

Partnerships for a Comprehensive Solution

IWELL Medical Group and Oasis Mental Health Applications help us provide unmatched access to timely teletherapy and early intervention resources. 

Oasis Integrative Outcomes Partnerships

IWELL Medical Group

Our strategic partnership with IWELL Medical Group is integral to delivering Integrative Outcomes. We provide brief, transitional services to individuals waiting for long-term care, ensuring continuity and seamless care transitions.  

As a licensed outpatient provider in Pennsylvania, IWELL specializes in personalized teletherapy delivered by licensed professionals. 

Their expertise spans all age ranges and areas of need, including anxiety, depression, trauma, impulse control, addiction, and more. They offer an array of therapeutic modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Trauma Informed Therapy, and more. 


Oasis Mental Health

Oasis Education

At Oasis Integrative Services, we partner with Oasis Education, an organization dedicated to supporting the mental wellbeing of K-12 and higher education communities. Oasis Education helps schools foster resilience by providing faculty, staff, and students access to mental health professionals and evidence-based content.  

Through our partnership, we offer Support Counseling, an after-hours, text-based chat service with trained mental health professionals. Appointments are available the same day, seven days a week between 12pm and 3am EST. This service is designed to alleviate stress and build resilience, with 90% of Oasis support conversations resulting in decreased stress levels.  

Additionally, we collaborate with Oasis Education to deliver a skill-building curriculum that cultivates grit. This program focuses on enhancing stress tolerance and resilience, laying a solid foundation for overall wellbeing.  

Oasis Education

Oasis Connect

Oasis Connect provides prevention and early intervention support for mental health challenges. Their mission aligns with ours, helping identify and address mental health issues before they escalate into crises.  

Oasis Connect is particularly effective in reducing employee burnout, improving job retention, and boosting engagement. They equip employees with effective coping strategies, help maintain a healthy work-life balance, build resilience, and cultivate crucial social and emotional skills.   

By integrating mental health care into the workplace, Oasis Connect contributes to a healthier, more engaged, and loyal workforce. Their integrated HR tools connect employees to vital mental health information and benefits. At Behavioral Health Systems, we believe in an integrative approach to care, and partnering with Oasis Connect allows us to extend our reach, bringing quality care to all involved in the wellbeing of others. 

Oasis Connect