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30-Day Transitional Program

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30-Day Transitional Program

Different insurance types show varying follow-up rates for mental health care, highlighting the need for targeted interventions.

2021 data from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) reveals disparities in the percentages of individuals receiving follow-up appointments within 7 and 30 days after discharge. 

These variations signify disparities in access to timely care and can impact patient outcomes.

In response to these disparities, our 30-day transitional program focuses on individuals’ specific needs during this critical period. We provide timely follow-up appointments within 7 days to bridge the care gap and offer comprehensive support.

This program empowers individuals by equipping them with the resources and tools they need to improve their well-being, resilience, and motivation to actively engage with long-term mental health care providers. By tailoring our approach and following national quality measures, we work towards optimizing outcomes and ensuring smooth transitions in mental health care. 

30-Day Transitional Program

30-day Program

Key Touchpoints


A comprehensive introduction to our care model, the Oasis App, and available support structures, empowering patients and highlighting their proactive steps towards mental well-being.

48 Hour Post Discharge Follow Up Call

A crucial touchpoint to check-in on patient progress, answer questions, and reinforce the care plan and app usage, ensuring continuity of care and encouraging proactive recovery.

7 Day Follow Up

An hour-long telehealth session led by a licensed counselor, focusing on understanding individual stressors, resilience, and personal strengths, setting the stage for a tailored therapeutic journey.

Additional Therapy

Time-limited counseling sessions to provide ongoing support until the patient is linked with their long-term provider, ensuring continuous care during the transition period.


Text-based support conversations up to an hour in length, offering immediate stress reduction and fostering a supportive environment for recovery, complementing our care model.


Skill-based microlearning program with 5-10 minute modules, nurturing resilience and providing valuable resources to empower patients throughout their recovery journey.

Warm Handoff to Long-Term Provider

A seamless transition to a long-term mental health care provider, ensuring continuity of care and effective collaboration for sustained progress.